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Welcome to wayne_crane, the home for all things related to the slash pairing Bruce Wayne (Batman)/Dr. Johnathan Crane (Scarecrow). We love fic, art, graphics, fanvids, and news relating to either of these characters - or their alter egos, or even the actors that play them, as long as appropriate warnings and ratings are posted and preferably edited, spell-checked, etc. This post has more information on our posting policies, but the best advice we can give is to just look around before you post! See what other members are doing.

We're a simple folk here at wayne_crane, but rudeness and trolling are not tolerated in this community. If your actions or comments are thought to be deliberately inflammatory you will be warned.
If you ignore the warning you will be banned for a time up to the discretion of the mods.

The mods are 67 and xzombiexkittenx, and both can be reached either via PM on Livejournal or the information in their profiles. If you have questions that you don't think can beanswered by clicking around the community and profile, feel free to contact us.

You'll probably see references to toasters around the community. The post that started it all is here. Basically, fallencadence noted that we've been growing so fast that youjikudou thought we ought to start passing out toasters as a reward for bringing in new people. Just so you know.

Affliates and credits:
batslash is our sister community and home to all your Bat-slashing needs.
baleslash is a lover-ly com devoted to Christian Bale, his hotness and all the roles he's played plus the slash potential associated therewith.

Other communities of interest:
cillian_murphy is love and in this post there’s a list of pretty communities related to the oh so pretty Cillian Murphy who plays the good doctor. Well, perhaps "good" is the wrong word for him.

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